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Our Amenities


24 Hour Access: We offer unlimited, 24/7/365 gym access for our members. Learn more and sign up here!

Bouldering: 100% of our climbing area is padded out for bouldering. We have a variety of terrain, including a 60 degree cave, a 40 degree wall, and everything in between to encompass a wide range of abilities.

Top Ropes: We have 12 top ropes, and set routes for climbers ranging from 1 year (check out our Little’s Climb here) to 80’s, as well as adaptive climbers. There is something for everyone, and top ropes are a great way to get started!

Lead Climbing: Most of the routes we set are lead-able, and we feature a serious 70 degree overhanging roof that is sure to get you pumped.

Auto Belays: We have two Perfect Descent auto belays for when you want to get some solo laps in, or clip in the kinder.


Campus Board: We have a 10 rung high campus board with three rung sizes.

Hangboard Station: Complete with a pulley system, we have a tension board, and a rock prodigy board on hand for your finger atrophy needs.

Moonboard: We house a 25 degree, 2019 Masters Hold Set.

Treadwall: Want to climb like a hamster? You got it.

Spray wall: We have a 20 degree 8×12 spray with some ultra-rad classic holds from decades past.

Cracks: We have you addicts covered with wide boyz hand and finger training cracks.

Finger Strength: Block Pulls, Pinch Blocks, Atomik bombs, and Metolius rock rings.


Our small but mighty fitness area packs a punch. A number of our members use the fitness area only, and don’t climb. We have the following equipment, and are always adding more to serve your needs:

  • Cardio equipment: an assault bike, a rower, and a spin bike
  • Dumbells, Kettlebells,
  • Squat Racks, Olympic Bars and Plates
  • TRX and Gymnastics Rings
  • Medicine Balls
  • Adjustable Weight Vests
  • Flat and Incline benches
  • Parallel Bars and Parallettes
  • Resistance Bands, Bosu Balls, Balance Board
  • Foam rollers, stretch mats, and massage tools