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Aerial Silks Private Lessons ( Ages 5 and Up)
Aerial Silks (also called Aerial Fabric or Aerial Tissu) is a beautiful, creative, and challenging art form that builds upper body and core strength, kinesthetic awareness, and coordination.

Private classes are not being offered at this time. Please email if you have questions. Duration: 60 Minutes
Dates: See below for available dates
Prerequisites: None
Price: $65
Intro to Aerial Silks
Are you interested in aerial arts? Have you seen the silks in the gym and you're wondering how those work? Intro to aerial silks will get you off the ground, upside down, and familiar with aerial terms and beginner tricks!

Time: See below
Prerequisites: None
Price: Free for members, $35 non-members.
Basic Movement
Do you feel like you’re at a standstill with your climbing? This class will teach you efficient climbing and movement techniques to help take your climbing to the next level. We’ll cover footwork, hand placement, and body positioning. This 1-hour class is best suited for beginner to beginner/intermediate level climbers.

Time: See below
Prerequisites: None
Price: Free for members, $25 non-members. Class includes a day pass and gear rental.
Intermediate Climbing Movement
Are you ready to climb more technical boulders or routes? In this class, we'll explore intermediate climbing techniques that will make you more efficient as you venture into steeper terrain, and onto more challenging holds.

Time: See below.
Prerequisites: None
Price: $25 Nonmembers, $15 Members. Class includes a day pass and gear rental.
Top Rope 101
If you are brand new to the sport of rock climbing, this class is for you! Come learn the basics of roped rock climbing! In this hour class, you will learn about climbing communication, belay techniques, safety protocols, and knots you will need for safe top-rope climbing in the gym or outdoors. After completing this class, you will have the opportunity to earn a TRG top rope belay certification. Class includes a day pass and gear.

Time: See below
Prerequisites: None
Price: Free for members, $25 for non-members
Lead 101
If you are confident in your top rope abilities and ready for a new challenge, this 3-hour class will teach you all the fundamentals of lead climbing and belaying. Specific emphasis will be placed on understanding and avoiding risks associated with lead climbing! Class includes a day pass and gear.

Time: See below
- Must be able to tie a Figure 8 Follow Through
- Must be able to climb a 5.10 on Top-rope without hanging
- Recommended three (3) months of climbing experience
Price: Free for members, $65 for non-members
Lead 201
This is for folks who are confident leading in the gym and looking to climb outside. You'll clean anchors, attempt the roof, and take falls.

Time: See below.
Prerequisites: Lead 101 or experience leading 5.9.
Price: $65 Non-members, $45 members. Class includes day pass and gear.
Fitness Area
Are you looking to take your climbing to the next level? Do you want a more well-rounded workout plan? This 1 hour class will introduce you to a variety of versatile fitness equipment and exercises that you can do at the gym. You will come away from this class with focus and motivation for gaining strength, mobility, and general health. All climbing and fitness abilities are welcome! Time: 5:30-6:30pm Prerequisites: None Price: Free for members and non-members with the purchase of a day pass or punch card, and free to parents of children enrolled in any of our youth programs.
If you climb single and multi-pitch rock climbs outside, but you’re not sure what you would do if something went terribly wrong, we highly recommend taking one of our self- rescue classes. We teach you the most useful hitches and knots, and rescue systems for the most likely scenarios. These class are best suited for those with multi pitch experience, or those who’ve already taken one of our multipitch classes.
Anchors 101
Your anchor on a rock climb is the most important safety system you have, so it is paramount to get it right! We will show you how to build solid two-piece fixed anchors using a variety of materials and knots. Whether you’re on a single pitch top rope climb, or a multi pitch climb, you’ll have the skills to build appropriate anchors for a variety of situations. Participants must have prior top rope climbing experience.
Anchors 201
How do you build an anchor if there are no bolts, pitons, or other types of fixed gear available? Not to worry. In this class we will go over safety considerations while using artificial protection, as well as creative ways of equalizing three pieces of gear using a variety of material and knots. Participants must have experience placing artificial protection.
Multi-pitch Climbing
If you have been lead belaying and climbing for at least a year, come learn the necessary skills to be a safe and efficient multi pitch climber and partner. Our multipitch classes teach everything from how to communicate effectively, how to belay with an auto blocking device, multipitch anchors, useful knots, how to rappel, and save time during transitions.
Intro to Traditional Climbing
In this full day outdoor class, learn everything you need to know about placing traditional climbing protection in order to gain confidence as a trad climber. You will have a chance to practice placing gear on the ground and on top rope via mock leads. This class is intended for those with at least a year of lead climbing experience.
Cleaning Sport Anchors

Are you new to sport climbing and excited to climb outside? Learning how to safely clean a sport anchor is an essential skill and often the most complicated and potentially dangerous part. Join us for a 1 hour class and get some practice safely cleaning anchors.

Time: See below


– Must be able to tie a Figure 8 Follow Through
– Recommended three (3) months of climbing experience

$25 for members, $35 for non-members

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