After School

Our mini-monkeys (ages 5-6), and monkeys (ages 7+) classes are built around a climbing progression, but our overall focus is on trust, confidence, and making sure that kids are having lots of fun and building a healthy relationship to body and sport. While they are separate programs, we love seeing these age groups work together, so we run them concurrently and overlap many activities.


We currently run two team programs – junior, and advanced. These programs are intended for kids who have been through at least one of our programs, but more likely several, or have been climbing at the gym for some time. While they do not have strict climbing-specific requirements to join, they are intended for kids who have demonstrated focus, an ability to work hard, and a motivation to push their boundaries climbing and are currently by coach invite. We take kids’ personal desire to join the time into account when deciding if team is right for them.

Teen Club

Not everyone has a desire to push themselves super hard, and kids are committed to more activities than ever these days. 95% of climbers participate recreationally (ok we made number that up, but it’s probably true), and we think thats a-ok. Instruction and mentorship are provided, but teen club is designed to introduce the gym as a welcoming space where young adults can build their own relationship with climbing, and make their own decisions on how they want to utilize this community resource. Those with varying needs, orientations, and disabilities are welcome to join.

Little’s Climb

We love little kids, but unfortunately the gym is not always a safe space for them. Due to our small size, and growing population of adult climbers, we have decided to limit open gym to children 5 years and older. This off-hours cilmb time is staffed, and we are here to introduce you to the space and help create a positive environment, but it is not a structured program. Little’s climb is intended for children 5 and under to explore the gym in a safe setting with their parents or caregivers.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp is outdoors (we do not run an indoor summer camp, sorry!), and travels to a variety of local crags for single-day climbing trips. It is for children  9+ years only, and while climbing is the focus, it also involves some hiking, rappelling, ropes skills, and other activities that center around enjoying our beautiful outdoor climbing spots.

Winter Sports

We have participated in the district’s Winter Sports program since 2016. Schools that currently participate are Victor Elementary, Driggs Elementary, Rendezvous Upper Elementary, Teton Middle, and Teton High. This is a fully structured, progression based climbing program run by our regular coaches.

Birthdays & Groups

We run birthdays and group programs for a variety of local organizations – churches, recovery centers, businesses, and staff trainings. We can tailor these bookings to your needs, so please feel free to reach out to discuss how we can help!