Please read the following so you understand how program registration works. Each school does things their own way, and may send home a list of winter sports choices for your children to pick. These are not final program registrations – all registration and payment must be completed here to be registered for a program. We are not able to register anyone in person at the gym, or over the phone.

Teton Middle School
Teton High School

Victor Elementary and Rendezvous Upper Elementary: Registration is first come, first serve through our website at the opening date and time listed above.

Driggs Elementary: DES runs a lottery for program registration and scholarships. Program registration must be done through them first, and then through us to complete payment (those with PTO scholarships will select that when registering).

A waiver must be completed for each student who is participating in the Winter Sports Program. Students who arrive at the rock gym without a signed waiver will not be allowed to climb.

Sign Our Waiver

The maximum capacity of our programs is 16 students. Once 16 students have registered through the link provided, online registration will close.

To register your child for Climbing Winter Sports, please select their school below. That link will take you to a registration page with program dates, pricing, policies, and what to bring.

Driggs Elementary REGISTER HERE
Victor Elementary REGISTER HERE
Rendezvous Upper Elementary REGISTER HERE


If you have questions or concerns, or you’d like to add your child to our waitlist, please email us with your child’s name and school info to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.