Aerial Silks

Whats The Deal

Teton Rock Gym houses 2 aerial silks in our back area. We currently offer intro level classes and series semi-regularly (typically monthly, but sometimes every other month). While these classes have been popular and we’d love to offer more, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to expand them at this time.

If you are a certified aerial instructor looking for a location to run classes, please reach out to us to discuss teaching at the gym. 

Aerials are calendared on a monthly basis at the start of each month. To check the schedule, please check out our classes and events calendar.


Unfortunately, no. Our insurance is more scared of silks than climbing, so we can only use them with a certified instructor supervising. For the time being, that is during scheduled classes only.

Yes and no. We do offer most of the intro level aerial classes to members for free, but we do not currently have any “open silks” times, and they are not available to take down outside of classes. While we’d love to grow this in the future, we have not encountered any instructors wanting to pick up our slack.

Not at this time. We do play on aerials a bit in some of our youth programs, but we do not have the capacity to expand our programming to kids at this time.

Not at this time. Again, just a capacity issue for us – we’d love to offer more but just do not have the ability right now!