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Jacob Yufa

Executive Director and Climbing Instructor

Jacob helped build the gym back in 2014. Since then, Jacob has grown both the facility and programs into the highly valued community resources that they are today. Under his leadership, the rock gym has established partnerships with local schools, ABC in Driggs, American Alpine Club, Courageous Kids, and other groups that result in hundreds of kids being introduced to indoor and outdoor rock climbing each year. He leads many of Teton Rock Gym’s youth groups and teaches higher-level adult climbing classes all year-round.




Jen Piperno

Development Director, Climbing and Aerial Instructor

Jen earned an M.A. in Nonprofit Management with concentrations in social business and program evaluation. She loves how dynamic nonprofit work is, and enjoys being able to teach climbing and aerial to children and adults, develop and run programs, fundraise, and find creative ways to build community in a rapidly evolving place.





Board of Directors



Christopher Trudeau

A Teton Valley resident for ten years and a recreational rock climber for over thirty; Chris’ initial participation with the Teton Rock Gym began when he volunteered to assist with staffing the front desk back when the gym first opened. Eventually, his interest and involvement gravitated to occasionally setting boulder problems in exchange for access to this invaluable local climbing and training resource.

Now as a member of the Teton Rock Gym Board of Directors, his primary position is functioning as the Board’s Treasurer. Socially, his emphasis is on local crag stewardship with a focus on developing, promoting, and protecting the rock climbing resources within and surrounding Teton Valley.



Jared Bissen

Jared serves as the Director of Special Education for a network of Charter Schools. He is an avid climber of over 15 years and enjoys the puzzles that rock climbing presents. Jared supports the mission and vision of the Teton Rock Gym and wants to continue to grow the climbing community in the valley.




Shannon Brady

Shannon grew up in western Massachusetts and fell in love with the sport of rock climbing when she moved to Idaho to pursue her graduate degree in geology. The two often went hand in hand, traveling across the west to study landscapes and rock features while also climbing them. Her favorite place to climb is the City of Rocks but she loves traveling to new crags across the country and abroad. Shannon rooted down in Teton Valley for the love of the mountains and rivers and all the recreational opportunities they provide. You will likely run into her on the trail, dancing around on aerial silks at the climbing gym, or out and about on little adventures in the valley with my family and friends.


Brian Emory

Brian Emory moved to Teton Valley in 2014, and was introduced to the climbing community through volunteering on the construction of Teton Rock Gym. This community keeps him grounded, motivated, psyched, and supported. He loves climbing because he can be on plastic in the gym one day, high in the alpine the next, or just hanging out in Teton Canyon with his friends. The longer he is a part of this community, the more special it feels. To him, the gym is the center of this community, and helps meld different generations of climbers into one inclusive group.


Jansen Gunderson

Jansen Gunderson began climbing during the sport climbing boom of the early 90s in Utah. His passion for climbing grew throughout his teens with competition climbing and in college with new bouldering and route development throughout Utah. Jansen is enthusiastic about the growth of climbing and introducing Teton Valley kids to the sport through the Teton Rock Gym and its programs.


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